DAiict Mesh Network


DAMN, as a mesh network will allow free communication inside the campus. Telephony, file sharing and other LAN applications can now be used on the go with the mesh network acting as a Wireless LAN. DAMN will also act as a test bed for future research in networks at DAIICT.


DAMN exists as pockets of independent adhoc networks right now. The implementations are going to be skewed. We are hoping BSSID Partitioning won't wreak havoc.

Currently, the IP allocation scheme we are following results into a large class A network. We cannot expect people to start Adhoc networks one after another in a disciplined manner. Hence, we currently imagine different pockets of networks with same ESSID (DAMN) but with different BSSIDs. Ideally, if the drivers have the BSSID partitioning problem solved, if two disconnected networks come in contact they should merge effortlessly.

Due to this, we are not boasting of campus wide connectivity, but we do endorse inter-wing communications! :)

The Current Implementations

Currently, we do not have routers established. This makes DAMN a pure adhoc network. Adhoc network has to be started by a person and friends can join in. Obviously, different networks will be started at different times.

The script that we provide does the following:

  1. a. Checks for your wireless interface
  2. b. Sets your IP address to 10.x.x.x where the last three bytes are the last three bytes of your MAC address.
  3. c. Set your ESSID to "DAMN".
  4. d. Detect and Run the OLSR.

Network Specs

This should be enough to get you connected to any existing adhoc network OR create your own so that other people join in.


Also, we plan to roll out the scripts for Linux soon. Scripts for Android and other mobile operating systems might take a shade longer.